Our Services Page.


You’re here. Please find below the following services that we offer.


(1) Web Development: We purchase your domain names: With any of the alias such as: .com .net .org .tv .fm etc,host, and build it for you. We deliver as we promise. So if we tell you that we will deliver your job in 72 hours. Then we keep to our word.

Job Sample.


(2) Web Promotion: We also promote your website to the best places where you get the best results, and return investment for your money. 


(3) Google, Bing, Yahoo, America Online, (AOL) Web Master Verification. We verify and advertise your website on Search Engines Giants such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, America Online, (AOL). At an affordable rates. Please note: this services is strictly on request. What does this means? It means that, if you don’t request us to add this services to your order plan, we note include it to your order. See the image below on how a website is been verified on Google Web Master.